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'Allotment' is available in our square designs on both silk and wool. It is also available as a pocket square on both fabrics.

Pictured is 'Allotment' on a Silk Square.

This scarf will be shipped with a complimentary pocket square until Monday the 14th of August, whilst stocks last. Where a design comes in silk or wool, please specify which you would like to receive at checkout.

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"There's an abundance of allotments near my studio in Norwich and my friends are very enthusiastic growers, constantly topping up my supplies in the spring and summer with all manner of fabulous flora, beets, tomatoes, courgettes... On this particular day I had two separate deliveries with an astonishing artichoke surrounded by burning orange members of the daisy family. The architectural nature of artichokes is a joy to paint and the free flow and movement in this design conjures up memories of those hot summer days."