Every scarf begins its life as an original painting by Carol Lake, inspired by the nature that surrounds her. These paintings form the basis of every design and are digitally printed on to both silk and wool in the UK before being pin hemmed and hand finished. As all Carol Lake scarves are printed on the highest quality, natural fibres, any irregularities and variations in the weave are representative of the living fabric that the designs are printed on. As every design is the result of an original Carol Lake painting, some scarves will also see pencil marks and natural brush strokes left in, making sure the initial artistic intention of Carol's is not lost. 

Square (90 x 90cm)

A ninety square is a timeless scarf size, its versatility making it one of history's (and Carol's) most popular styles. Worn loose or knotted, shoulder drape or cravat, around your neck or waist, the possibilities are endless.

Shawl (136 x 136cm)

Our most generous scarf in terms of size, this large shawl can be worn in a multitude of ways, whether on wool as a warm, winter wrap or on delicate silk for spring days and summer evenings.  

Narrow Long (36 x 150cm)

A slim, elegant style, this scarf could be worn untied as a simple addition to any outfit or knotted for a more classic appearance. Some designs such as 'Only Roses' (pictured) are exclusive to this style.

Long (68 x 200cm)

Slightly narrower than a square scarf and much longer, this contemporary style can be wrapped around the neck multiple items or left loose to achieve a textured look, or even tied as a simple headscarf.

Pocket Square (36 x 36cm)

An iconic accessory, the pocket square is an addition to your outfit that will never go out of style. A classic one-point fold is easy to pull off and if you're feeling adventurous there are numerous looks to try out. Almost all Carol Lake scarves are complemented by a matching pocket square in silk or wool. 


Satin Silk and Silk Wool

Our scarves and pocket squares are printed on two fabrics, a satin finish silk and a silk wool blend with a herringbone detail.