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Carol Lake is an internationally established textile designer-maker specialising in botanicals. Her work reflects a desire to preserve the British tradition of hand-painting in textiles in combination with modern technology. Having studied Textiles at Brighton in the 1980s, Carol went on to live in London and worked as part of a small collective at Artisan, a boutique textile studio, and sold her work around the world. It was here that she developed her signature style of "gorgeous botanicals"  in an array of bold colours. These designs were then sold internationally to famous brands such as Ted Baker, Nina Campbell, Waverly and Lulu Guinness.

Since moving to Norwich in 2008 and opening her studio in late 2013, Carol has designed and delivered to clients one-off dresses, scarves, wall art, screens, cushions, hand-painted walls, shirts, shoes and upholstered furniture. Alongside this she designed interiors, drawing on her deep experience mixed with the inspiration she gets from the way light, scale, colour, fashion and space interact.

"I have been painting flowers, choosing blossoms, mixing paints, cutting cloth, painting fabric, meeting clients, painting flowers, buying brushes, rubbing out, buying pencils, arranging vases, mixing paints, selling designs, drawing sketches, watching seasons, painting flowers, sewing silk, seeing clients, collecting plants, loving colours, printing fabrics, studying gardens and so much more for over 30 years..."

- Carol Lake



Studio at 91

Carol opened 'Studio at 91' in 2013 in a former listed Victorian chocolate shop in Norwich. The space is now home to a dazzling range of fabric, design and products from wallpaper to cushions, hand painted wedding dresses to silk skirts, hand painted walls and artwork to silken shirts and cashmere lined wraps, bespoke silk gowns to bold clutch bags and more recently bespoke botanical shoes in collaboration with Van Dal. Opening hours at the Studio are very limited and currently these products are not available online but can be purchased in person.


Other work

Alongside Carol's main work, she designs interiors. Her most recent project is a unique 3 floor restaurant that has been designed exclusively by Carol and also features some of her own newest and boldest designs.